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Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) History

白眉上人(創始人)   Monk White Eyebrow (Founder)


廣惠禪師  (第二代傳人) Monk Kwong Wai (2nd generation)


竺法雲禪師  (第三代傳人) Monk Chuk Fat Wan (3rd generation)


張禮泉 (第四代傳人) (1882-1964) Cheung Lai Chuen (4th generation)



Cheung Lai Chuen spread Pak Mei Kung Fu in Canton and Hong Kong.

Grandmaster Cheung Lai Chuen

Cheung Lai Chuen(張禮泉) is the fourth generation of Pak Mei. He was born in 1882 and died in 1964 aged 86. In his life, he had four teachers. The last one is Monk Chuk Fat Wan(竺法雲禪師) whom Cheung learnt Pak Mei Kung Fu from. Cheung felt this Kung Fu was extraordinary and practiced very hard. He was pride of being the successor of Pak Mei, but he did not forget the previous three teachers (Lee Yi Si, Shek Si and Lam Ah Hap) . He chose the best of their Kung Fu to integrate into his teaching, keeping the original forms, but the method of power delivering was based on Pak Mei and modified. Therefore, Pak Mei Kung Fu consists of the Pak Mei's straight step (直步標指),nine step push(九步推),72 earthly spirits(七十二地煞),18 forms feeling bridge(十八魔橋),sticky fist (粘黏拳法),bare hand against knife(空手入白刃) and Ferocious Tiger Exits Forest(猛虎出林). It also consists of Three Doors Bagua (三門八掛拳) from Lee Yi Si (李義師), Cross Fist(十字扣打拳) from Shek Si(石師) and Eagle Claw Sticky Bridge(鷹爪黏橋) from Lam Ah Hap(林亞俠). Cheung also created the Four Doors Bagua (四門八掛拳) which integrated the essentials of different Kung Fu. For a pair of people to practise, he created Hop Fist (脫跳拳法).
As for weapon Kung Fu, it also consists of those from Pak Mei and those from the three teachers.
At the end of Qing Dynasty, Cheung joined the Revolutionary Alliance and took part in overthrowing the Qing government. After Republic of China was setup, Cheung helped the government defeat an illegal salt dealer who had extremely high Kung Fu. Because of this incident, Cheung had a great reputation in Xin hui Jiang Men(新會江門). He started to teach. In Xin Hui, he defeated several famous Kung Fu masters. He had also been attacked by several killers, but finally they were killed by Cheung. Later Cheung moved to GuangZhou. He defeated a very famous master Tsang Wai Po(曾惠博). Cheung was named "Tiger of East River". Cheung had been the Chief Training Officer in Republic of China Military Academy(GuangZhou). After civil war broke out, he moved to Hong Kong with his sons. Then Pak Mei Kung Fu was spread in Hong Kong. In 1964, Cheung died.

"North has Sun Yuk Fung, South has Cheung Lai Chuen" (北有孫玉峰,南有張禮泉)was well known in GuangZhou. These are respectful words to the two masters. Sun Yuk Fung was grandmaster in Lo Hon Mun (羅漢門). He was called "the king of knife in seven provinces". Cheung was grandmaster in Pak Mei. He was called "the king of fist in seven provinces". Before Cheung, Pak Mei Kung Fu was not spread outside buddhist monks. Now Pak Mei is widely spread around the world and became a great school of Kung Fu in just several tens of years.
This is because of the contribution from the grandmaster Cheung Lai Chuen.