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Defence and Attack

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu can usually be classified as internal or external style. Internal style such as Tai Chi(太極) uses 'yin'(陰) force to unload or shift the attack, as a form of defence. External style such as Hung Ka Fist(洪家拳) uses 'yang'(陽) force to deflect the attack or deliver a fatal hit.

Pak Mei belongs to both internal and external. Defence and Attack are combined. A strong but mobile foot base is essential. So the foot posture is in a special triangle. It can be stable and rapid. Upper limb movement must be fast, light and short. Similar to bending a rattan cane and then release it. All the energy releases on one point. After that, let it return. This consumes very little energy. This enables multiple attacks when the bodies get closer and closer.

All the attacks point to the sensitive part of the body, like ears, eyes, throat, underarms, sides, solar plexus and groin.
Kicking is relatively low, rarely goes above the groin level.

In every motion, different parts of the body must coordinate. The speed and force is generated by a strength called Geng Jat Ging (驚紮勁 sudden explosive power). It is like a reflex action (e.g. when one puts the hand on a hot plate). The power is transmitted from the foot to hip, waist and then arm, in the form of vortex, to the hit point.

Animal forms

Pak Mei Kung Fu has the characteristics of five animals:
Dragon: rotation
Snake: sneak attack with accuracy
Tiger: powerful strike
Panther: light and quick
Crane: strikes hard at small spot

There is a poet to indicate this:

"God and devil conceal dragon, snake and crane
Pak Mei hides tiger and panther"

Pak Mei uses different physics application, including mass, acceleration, pull, ascending, sink and vortex, to attack, retreat, stabilize and immediately retaliate. The critical point is not only on the bone and muscle, but also on the angle, posture, and the coordination of tendon, ligament, bone, muscle, mind and qi for maximum speed and power(Geng Jat Ging) .

Essence of Pak Mei Kung Fu

"Feet are not arranged in the form of  'T' or  '/ \', I will not move if you don't ".
This means the Pak Mei feet move freely. Pak Mei is the short range Kung Fu in the south. So its characteristics are powerful, rapid, accurate, stable and resolute. In each fist, six strengths must be applied. Six strengths are teeth, neck, waist, shoulder, arm, feet. It also emphasizes on the posture.

It has three forms: Circular(圓形), Flat(扁形) and Thin(薄形). These are not seen in other Kung Fu. The more advanced are four internal shapes and eight motions.

Four internal shapes are:
inhale 呑,
vomit 吐,
float 浮,
sink 沉,

Eight motions are
whip 鞭,
cut 割,
hand flip and press using back side 挽,
side impact 撞,
resilience 彈,
grasp a rop and pull 索,
hand rotation 盤,
forward impact 沖

Since Pak Mei Kung Fu is brutal, it has a saying:
"Forward without mercy, Mercy without forward"

For the beginner, Straight Step (直步拳) is the basic practice. First train to develop the joint strength, then straight strength, sink strength, and ascending strength. These are not simple. Especially for ascending strength, usually it takes six to seven years to be proficient. The wonderful elements of Pak Mei are distributed in every Kung Fu action. The deeper you explore, the more you feel amazing.

It has a poet:
"internal style Pak Mei, training each inch of muscle, eyes become bright, body light as swallow".

Practising Pak Mei makes one still very energetic in old age.

Pak Mei belongs to internal-style implicit-strength Kung Fu. Every motion involves the transformation of yin and yang, includes inhale 呑,vomit 吐,float 浮,sink 沉. The force has six types: shock 驚 ,hit and recoil 彈,down 沉,grip 紮,wave 浪, release outward 吐.

Three forms

Three forms are Circular(圓形), Flat(扁形) and Thin(薄形) as mentioned above.

Circular :All upper limb motions are in short range. Attack is straight, defence is circular, like the dragon rotation.

Flat: Flat means the body's training. Head is level, shoulder is relax to droop, chest is retreat, abdomen is hidden.
This is the so called: Panther head, monkey chest, tiger back, dragon waist.
Panther head can level see, monitor the enemy.
Monkey chest: enemy's long arm cannot reach my chest or abdomen.
Tiger back and dragon waist: rotate freely and rapidly, suitable for both attack or defence.
This kind of posture makes the body a little lower than the normal standing. So call it Flat.

Thin: Thin means the foot step practice. The major foot step is triangular. When attacking, twisting the waist can face the enemy.
Left or right attack uses tiger step. It will be very flexible when moving forward or moving to the side. Quickly move to different locations close to the enermy.
It is then called Thin.

Combining the three forms results in function of self-defence.